Independent Song Writer, Recording & Performing Artist, Event Organizer and Promotor

Championing Local Artists Through Freedom Of Speech

Ktriggs, the independent music artist and visionary behind the brand Freedom Of Speech. Known by his real name, Kevin Williamson, Ktriggs is a passionate advocate for local artists and strives to create a platform where their voices can be heard. Under the umbrella of Freedom Of Speech, Ktriggs has organized two highly successful annual events: 905 Fest and Underground Vibes. Ktriggs’ commitment to fostering creativity and artistic expression has garnered him a devoted following, as he continues to uplift and support fellow artists on their unique journeys.


These events have become renowned showcases for emerging talent, bringing together diverse musicians, spoken word artists, and visual performers from the local scene.

905 Fest is currently seeking sponsors, vendors, volunteers and performers who want to contribute and be part of the event.

Demonstrate your commitment to community involvement and provide valuable support.

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Have the creative freedom to display your product how you want, and get attention.

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Volunteering at 905 Fest is an unforgettable experience that brings joy and fulfillment.

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Performing at 905 Fest offers a platform to showcase your talent and gain exposure.

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Freedom Of Speech Cypher 2.0


The Second edition of the Freedom Of Speech Cypher featuring local artists Flowzus, MER, James Favron, & LTtheMonk. Produced by Millz Grillz, recorded, mixed and mastered by Masocre At Sound Of The North

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Freedome Of Speech



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